MARGARET IRISBorn in 1974, she currently lives in Italy.            
She studied Fashion Portrait Photography at The International Center of Photography of New York.
From the beginning she started her own research focusing on the relationship between woman, her body and the surrounding environment, exploring the physical and psychological connections between the individual and a daily, sometimes surreal, dimension.                                                    
She was recently selected for the Italian Collection 2020 curated by Italy Photo Award 2020.

Before photography, she was a psychotherapist for over 15 years.


2020 | Home , International exhibition curated by Loosen Art, Rome (Italy)

2020 | Macula Lab Experience _4  curated by Alessandro Giampaoli, Marco Andreani, Pesaro (Italy)

2019 | Gavardiana 2019, curated by Spazio Macula, Comune Pesaro, Pesaro (Italy)

2019 | Ethereal: A Daily Poetry”, Galerie Joseph Turenne, curated by Laura Tota, Paris (France) 

2018 | Ho.Me - mostra fotografica itinerante, curated by Silvia Bigi

2017 | Macula Lab Experience _1 curated by Alessandro Giampaoli, Marco Andreani, Pesaro (Italy)